Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cute T-shirt headband!!

I saw this today over at A Law Students Journey and thought it was just the cutest!!! I will definatly be making tons of these!!!

I found this awesome
tutorial showing how to make tshirt flower headbands! Also, I’ve heard the soft t-shirt is great for those itty bitty baby heads. So all you mommy’s out there should certainly try this!
Plus for all you big headed (I prefer big brained) people out there like me. This stays in SO much better then any headband I’ve used…and it doesn’t give me a headache!
After making the headband, I decided it just wasnt very "me" and thought I would change it a bit. So the "Kitty Version" Looks a little something like this.
A very simple change to something a little more fun (in my opinon!).
I wont put up the actual headband tutorial part (you can find it in the original blog entry above) but basically cut out a chunk of tshirt (wider then you think, it will stretch and roll) and meaure the size of your head. Make sure it is very snug, tshirts stretch! Then sew it together.

Now for the flower part. I sew the flower right on to wear I made the stitch in my headband. That way, the ugly part is covered up! For this, I took the extra materials, folded it in half, and cut out a sideways "B" along the fold.
In other words, when you open it up, it should look like a butterfly shape. (click on the pict to enlarge it)
Just like all my other crafts...you do NOT need to be exact on this shape! Mine were all different sizes and funny variations of this basic shape.

Once you have 2 cut out, overlap them in different ways, and stitch just the middle sections together. Really, it is hard to mess this up. I cut out about 14 (7 sets). I sewed them on the headband in two different strips.

By that, I mean it made the flower fuller. In other words: Sew two sets of the butterfly pieces together, push them down on your thread, sew two more, and do that with about four to five sets. You will end up with a string of pieces, that looks like the petals in the picture.

Then sew it to your headband.

If you like that look, great! I wanted a fuller flower, and did that again with another 3 sets to make it bigger and sewed it next to the original strip.
It ends up looking like a mess of fabric, like the petals from a flower!
Okay...now what you've all been waiting for!!!

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  1. Glad you found my tshirt headband! It is SUPER easy! You will have to tell me when you try it!