Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Crafties!!

There are so many blogs out there with AWESOME Easter crafts on them that i want to try, so stay tuned i am going to attempt at least on this weekend, and I will be chronicling our Easter egg dying eggstravaganza (see what i did there, im so good). In this post the munchkins and I are doing a craft that they actually do in school and I have been wanting to do with them at home for a while, and it lends itself nicely to Easter. IDK what you technically call it but for the purpose of this post we will go with...

Tye Dyed Coffee Filters

What you need:

1. Coffee Filters
2. Markers
3. Spray bottle

We made flowers and butterflies with ours, however the possibilities are endless, but we just used pipe cleaners to hold everything together, so you can adjust that depending on what you plan on doing with them in the end.

First, you get a super cute little guy to color your coffee filters! :) You can do designs, patterns, solid colors, blocks of color, the choices are endless! Its a great on for the kids too because it really dosen't matter what the coloring looks like because you are going to spray it later so that it all runs together,so let them go wild!

Next you get a cute little girl to spray the colored coffee filters! :) This part it also good for the littles but needs a bit of supervision, you have to get the filters wet enough to make the colors run just a bit but not so wet that they all pool in the middle it took us about 4 good sprays!

Then just let them dry in the front yard!! LOL

When they dry you are left with circles of fun!! :) You can do what you will with them, like i said before we maid butterflies and flowers for family for Easter, just for funsies! Its super cheap and lots of fun for the littles because they can do it basically all on their own!! Hope you try it and have as much fun as we did! Let me know how your turn out!! :)


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