Sunday, August 1, 2010

And Here We Go!!!

Ok im trying it again! I have tried to blog before, and have gone down in flames, this time however i am going to do better! I love reading other peoples blogs, and im hoping that you will enjoy reading mine. If not at least ill have a place where i can share my crafts, recipes,joys frustrations, etc.! So my plan is to post every day,most likely every day will be different, and it will always be imperfect, but that's how life goes, and I am ok with that!

In this blog, im gunna tell you right now, i am crafty however i have no original ideas so unless i say "look what i thought up"...assume someone else thought it up! Also this is my blog so ill say what im feeling,thinking,believing,and anything else i want! LOL This is for me and hopefully you will enjoy it as well, but i just wanted to let you know in advance that i will be 100% real and i want to be upfront about that! :)

Now with all the "legal" stuff out of the way i am very open to comments suggestions ideas thoughts and anything else! i am really excited about the potential for this blog, i have lots of fun ideas and stuff to post!! :) I have taken my time getting this blog all ready to go! I love that back ground,for now im good with the layout, and i hope you like it as much as i do!

So as the title says i am Perfectly Imperfect and this blog is to showcase just that! Hope you enjoy reading as much i like posting! :) Heres to me having a successful blog!!

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