Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a week!!

Wow this week has been CRAZY!!! I like to have things to do, i like to feel productive, but this week has really given me a run for my money!!

First of all this week was Peyton's birthday(16th)!! He is 4 now!! WOW I can't believe I am saying that it still feels like he is a baby but he's all grown up!!! I try to make there birthday day's special, they don't have to do as much chore wise on that day, they get to pick movies/ TV shows we watch, I make there favorite foods for dinner (candy doesn't count) And they get some kind of cake! This year it was cupcakes with baseballs on top! The boy is crazy about baseball!! It all went well but i was rushing the dinner and "party" because we had to get Zoey into bed at a reasonable time because she started school the next day! WHEW!!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

Then the next day(17th) Zoey started her first day of 1st grade!!! She was so excited, they both love school and were happy to go back! Zoey is very independent, and never needs our help, she usually wants to be left alone to do things her self, so the first day of school with her is very uneventful! She just goes about like its no big deal, i try to get excited about it and she just gives me a look like "really mom" so i just let her be her, and wish her well and try not to embarrass her to much! :) LOL


The next day(18th) I had to go to the Dr to get a physical for the job i am trying to get. The Dr. is at Gateway in Granite City so I had to drive there which i think stinks, and then the appt. took almost TWO HOURS!!! Man it seemed like i was sitting in that room waiting for the dr. forever!!! Then i had to go fill out more paper work, so i had to have someone pick zoey up from school, then we had to go get her! Oy it doesn't sound like a lot now but when it was happening it was
A LOT!! :)

Also at the same time all this is happening my lovely offspring are suddenly CRAZY!!! They are fighting like you would not believe, aggravating each other, not listening to a word i say, not eating right, they are just NOT RIGHT!!! LOL Anyway i know this is what happens, but right now really?

For the rest of the week i have a Tastefully Simple party on Friday night(if you didn't know already you are invited!), i have a wedding shower to go to on Saturday,and church and Peyton's birthday party on Sunday, and WOOT WOOT i got the job so i start work on Monday!!!
I am totally tired just thinking about it!!

Ok well that's all for now i am off to clean the house and prep meals for the new adventure of having a full time job!!! Wish me lots of luck!!! :)

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