Monday, August 2, 2010

Take a look!!

This was a cute idea i came across as i was reading my blogs earlier, this is from Me Making Do.
Check out her cute idea they scoot on over to her blog, she has lot of cute ideas!!

A couple of my boy's went to football camp this morning and they had bought them snacks to take, meals are provided. They however dumped all their snacks into a bag and left the trash empty boxes on the table for me. So my creative side was actually thiinking and I thought I could make little treat boxes that I could give people and not just throw away the boxes.

I googled free box templated and I can't remember wich one I used for sure but it was either this one or one similar to it go Here for the template.

These are what I made, I still have some boxes leftover to make more too.

This one I just spray painted white and then added a scrap piece of scrapbook paper to the front made a little tag out of the same scraps and wrapped hemp cord that I got at Dollar Tree around and around then tied on a burnt flower I had made.

This one I spray painted red and then a little mist of white on top. Cut out another piece of the box out with decorative scissors and drew on stitch lines with a marker. Tied some hemp cord around it , and glued on the decorative chipboard. . Then I just glued a small piece of coordinating paper on top and made a paper flower and glued on.

This one I spray painted a light green and lightly misted on some black. Made a tag from coordinating scraps of scrapbook paper. I wrapped and tied hemp on this one also, and glued a small flower. I glued a piece of scrapbook on top of this.

This was a fun and easy way to use up some trash and make it into something useful!!! I will be making more If you make any let me know.

Oh and on a side note I made a twitter account if any one is interested in following me there. I still need to figure it out! ;)

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