Monday, August 2, 2010

It's whats for dinner!

Today i thought one of the things I would share would be what we had for dinner! Looks good Huh! Shrimp scampi, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies! Let me tell you it was really good! And i slaved away for hours in the kitchen preparing this lovely spread for my family!! NOT The shrimp was frozen so i did have to thaw it, the scampi sauce was from a jar,the potatoes were instant, and the veggies where microwave steam!! So yeah it really didn't take me long at all but i really was good!! :)

Now that I've gotten you all hungry and wishing you had dinner at my house,I'll move on! :) In our house we have been giving the kids,especially Zoey ,more tasks to do around the house. After all that's why we had these children right?! (I'm just kidding don't stone me!) One of the very few tasks we have given is to keep there room clean! Well I'm sure you can all imagine how well that's going, but another task is to help mommy cook! This they really do like, and along with teaching them how to cook it is teaching me patience which if you know me, you know that is not my best quality! :) So here are some pictures of the things they have made with little or no help from me!

Ok so you can't see it that well but it's meatballs!And they made them all by themselves!! Yes i let them touch the meat, they rolled in it, but they washed and sanitized there hands when they were done! I'm not that bad of a mom!! :)

This is the meatloaf that Zoey mad last week! It turned out good! She did have some help with this one, but really just cuz I didn't want her to make a mess(im over that now)!

So yea we are doing good with the more jobs thing for the most part, just the room this is a bit of a hang up but im guessing thats pretty normal!!:) Also i thought it was funny today when i told Peyton to come down for dinner he said "in two years" Like the stupid charter commercial!! Aaagg!!! :) Oh well what can you do, made me laugh!
Come back and see me tomorrow to see what i do with these beauties!!! :)

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