Tuesday, August 3, 2010

looking good!

Ok remember yesterday when i told you to come back and see what i was going to do with the jars from the scampi sauce from dinner last night, well here it is! :)

(They looked so good i almost left them like this!)

First i soaked the jars in soapy water to take of the label, then i washed them and made sure all the sticky was off the outside and all the stuff was of the inside,then they had to dry completely.

Then i took acrylic paint and squeezed some on the inside of the jars, put on the lids, and shook them really hard to get the paint all moved around inside. It takes FOREVER to dry but i think they are cute like this too!

This is the end result! Not perfect i know but still cute! I tried to stencil the outside but it just was NOT working so i gave up on that and just painted them, and im not an artist so they aren't that great but oh well they are done! :)
Hope you enjoy!


  1. These are cute. Good recycled product.

  2. I like them! Great project to do with the kids and you could match them for decor to any room!

  3. Great job with the bottles! You are more of an artist than you think. I hopped on your blog to check it out today, over from New Friend Friday. I love it, and maybe I will learn how to be more crafty too! I am now following.