Friday, August 13, 2010

T-shirt Trunks!!!!

I saw this tutorial over at Nancy's Couture, and you know my love for upcycling, so i have to try this they are sooo cute!!! And i think my little ma will LOVE them!!

What do you do when your son outgrows his favorite t-shirt?
Make boxer briefs out of them!!!!
After many tries I think I got it just right. I have tried to make this so it is as easy as possible but also comfortable for the little man in your life. Overlaping and using a zigzag stitch makes these super comfortable for the little guy.

Supplies Needed:
Trace your back (butt) piece on the front of 1 t-shirt.
I like to line it up so that you can see the picture on his backside.

Cut it out.

Turn your t-shirt over and trace the front (crotch) piece. Cut it out.

Grab the other t-shirt and line up bottom hem on the front and back.
Trace your leg pattern and cut it out.

Take a leg piece and over lap the straight edges 1/4".
The crotch side should be on the top.

Turn leg inside out and sew using a zig zag stitch.
I set my machine stitch length to 3 (medium) and it was perfect.

It should look like this after you sew it.
Repeat with the other leg.

Grab the front and back pieces right side up.

Overlap the short straight edges 1/4". Front piece on top of back piece.

Zig zag stitch using medium stitch length.

Fold with top edges matching.

Mark the middle.

Match leg seam to the mark you just made. Make sure to match the leg back to butt piece and the leg front to the crotch piece. Overlap the leg piece over the back piece 1/4" and zig zag stitch.

Turn and overlap the leg piece over the front (crotch) piece 1/4". Zig zag stitch.
Repeat with the other leg.

Cut the elastic to fit your childs waist. Overlap the edges 1/4" and zigzag stitch.

Mark the middle back.

Line up the seam of the elastic the the middle back. Overlap elastic over the fabric 1/4" and zigzag stitch.
I went over it twice.



If you have any questions or something is unclear please leave a comment and I will help you.
Please use my pattern for personal use only!!!!

Shannon was kind enough to send me adjustments for upsizing these. Here they are!!!

Just for reference, my youngest (age 5) wears his as printed and your pattern seems to be about a size 4. My older (age 7) wears the upsized and my upsized version seems to be about a size 8.

Front: Add .5" to top and bottom horizontal lines, Add .25" to vertical lines.
Back: Add 1" to top horizontal line, Add .5" to bottom horizontal line, Add .25" to vertical lines.
Leg: Add 1" to top horizontal line, Add .5" to bottom horizontal line, Add .25" to crotch and butt lines, Add .75" to each of the 2 vertical leg seams.
Marking the "Center": After sewing Front to Back, Lay Front on top of Back with the top Front edge 1" lower than the top Back edge and mark the fold. (So not quite centered)
Thank you sooo much Shannon!

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